We led the team that conducted the first wholesale auction in 2004 and since have served over 65 utilities across 50,000+ pricing events, exceeding $20 billion in transactions.

The Bidwell Energy team has more than sixty years combined experience in the energy industry — so we know that YOU are energy market experts with sophisticated buying strategies. It’s why we won’t ask you to change a thing.

The sum of our experience has shown, however, that we can enhance your existing systems by applying our technology and know-how to help you maximize bid-day outcomes.

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We don’t have to tell you that wholesale procurement is complicated: volatile markets, complex products, high-value purchases, stakeholder oversight – these are just some of the challenges utilities face. The stakes are high.

Bidwell’s real-time auction platform enables utilities to transact quickly, with confidence, to lock in the best prices with the winning supplier or suppliers upon auction close – not days later — eliminating hefty risk premiums. We transact hundreds of products, structures, and mechanisms in any combination with an emphasis on driving to completed contracts NOW. And we inherently capture all the data, so utilities can easily PROVE that no stones were left unturned in the pursuit of finding the lowest possible prices for customers in the available market.

Leave the risk to us. Transact only when you deem the price to be acceptable.

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The Bidwell platform was built by energy professionals for energy professionals to transact energy products. We know that a one-size-fits-all approach to procurement can’t meet the unique demands of individual utilities and their jurisdictions and policy, and that’s why flexibility is an essential part of our platform design and strategic approach.

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